St Bartholomews

A brief history of St. Bartholomew’s 

We know that St. Bartholomew’s was around in 1577, but the exact date the church was built is unknown. The church can comfortably accommodate 120 adults, and is in constant demand for baptisms, weddings and funerals. In part this is because it is a beautiful, traditional church. The recent renovation (2011) restored oak pews to the church, and this further enhances the building. We have a small meeting room, kitchen, toilets and facilities for computer displays and dvds. The worship at St. Bartholomew’s is traditional with a choir, and using mainly common worship. This is a church that is at the heart of community, in a way that is rare today. You are very welcome to join us!


A brief history of St. Alban’s

St.Alban’s was built in 1957, for the then new estate . In 2010 the building was totally renovated and is now a multi purpose building with a café, and many other activities going on, during the week. Specific church activities include Alpha courses, Kids Klub, etc. Sunday worship is informal and very child friendly! Just come and see. We are multi racial, multi lingual (although we only use English at present!). and every age.  

St Albans